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How do I use parked domains?

The Parked Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add and remove parked domains to your account. A parked domain allows you to reach your domain when enteringthe name of the parked domain into a browser. Any current domains that are parked will be listed under Current Parked Domains.

For example, if is parked on, going to in a browser will bring up

To access the Parked Domain Maintenance menu, click on the icon above the words Parked Domains on the main screen of your Cpanel interface.

To add a parked domain, enter the name of the domain in the blank field next to New Domain Name, and click on Add Domain!

Note: If the parked domain was added successfully, the following will appear (except it will contain information about your domains and servers)

Name server ips for are:, Bind reloading on servername using rndc Bind reloading on nameserver using rndc Bind reloading on nameserver2 using rndc Bind reloading on nameserver3 using rndc
Created DNS entry for
Setup Mail forward ->
Setup OK
Adding httpd.conf entry for to point to

NOTE: Make sure to register the parked domain with a valid domain registrar or else it will not work.

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