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How do I access webmail?

You can access your web mail by using the following url format:

Then, enter your username and password (Username:, password: password)

You can use the Mail Menu to access one of the two web mail programs included in Cpanel. These programs will allow you to read your email through a browser window without having to make any changes to the computer you are on or leave any email on the computer you are on.


1 To access the Mail Menu, click on the icon above the word Mail on the main screen of your Cpanel interface.

2 Click on the words Web Mail to enter a screen where you can select the mail program you wish to use.

3 Click on the icon of the mail program you wish to use.

4 You will now need to login to the web mail program using the username and password for the email account you wish to use.

Make sure to log out of web mail when you are done. If you do not log out, it may be possible for another user of the computer you are on to access and read your email.

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