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Switch from Backup & Sync to File Stream

The process of switching from Google Drive Backup & Sync to Google Drive File Stream requires careful attention to ensure you don't lose any files. If you want to know the differences between the two programs, Google has a help document that details the two options: Compare Backup and Sync & File Stream

Before getting started, ensure you have your G Suite username (email address) and password handy as they will be needed during the setup process. This process is detailed for Windows computers only. If you have 2 Factor Authentication configured, you will need to generate a device specific password prior to setting up File Stream.

Please follow these steps to ensure you don't lose any files and get File Stream installed and working correctly. If you are unsure about the steps, contact us for assistance.

1. Finish syncing

Ensure the current Backup & Sync process is complete. ie. There are no files waiting to sync or sync errors. You can check this by clicing on the Backup & Sync icon in the system tray (bottom right hand corner of screen).

2. Disconnect your account

To stop the existing sync process, you need to sign out of your account.

Important: DO NOT PROCEED past this point unless the Google Drive account is disconnected. It will result in the loss of files.

3. Uninstall Backup & Sync

4. Restart

Restart your computer.

5. Backup existing files

These files are no longer synced between Google Drive in the cloud and your computer, and they are safely stored online in Google Drive. Just to be safe, copy the files to a new location on the computer.

Take a backup of the entire Google Drive folder on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to:

6. Install Drive File Stream

It's now time to install File Stream.

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