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How do I register a domain name

Registering a domain name is easy. You simply need to determine whether the domain you want is available, provide any necessary documentation (such as ABN for a .au domain name), and then register it.

Registering a domain is very simple - you can register one here

Special Instructions For Domains

If you are trying to register a .au domain name, the registration form has some fields that are a little vague. This guide will help!

Registrant Name: The name to which the domain will be registered to (can be an individual or company name)

Registrant ID: The ABN, ACN or BRN of the Registrant Name

Eligibility Name: The name of the person, business or company that is eligible for the domain. This can sometimes be the same entry as Registrant Name

Eligibility ID: ABN, ACN or BRN Eligible for the domain name. This can sometimes be the same as the entry for Registrant ID

Nameservers: If you don't know what this is, best to just leave it as is.

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Domain Name Registration

Register your new domain name or check the availability of a domain below.

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