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Cpanel Brief Explanation

Cpanel allows you to configure the server side of your site, this gives you access to many features which gives you an advantage into quickly setting up.

Logging into Cpanel?
The most common way of logging into your Cpanel is by going to

Cpanel Interface
On the left of the main page of Cpanel you should be able to say a box that says Account Information; this is a list of what the things in that box means;

Disk Usage - Shows the amount of disk usage you are using.
SQL Disk Usage - Shows the amount of SQL desk usage you are using.
Bandwidth Usage This Month - Your bandwidth usage for the month.
Disk Space Available - The amount of space you have left currently.
Disk Space Usage – The amount of space you have used.
Email Accounts - The number of e-mail accounts you have set up.
Email Forwarders - The number of e-mail forwarders you have set up.
Auto-Responders - The number of auto-responders you have set up.
Mailing Lists - The number of mailing lists you have set up.
Email Filters - The number of e-mail filters you have set up.
FTP Accounts - The number of FTP accounts you have set up.
Hosting Package – The type of hosting package you’re on.
Parked Domains – The number of parked domains you have.
SubDomains – The number of subdomains you have.
MySQL Databases – The number of MySQL databases you have.
Cpanel Version/Build - The version/build number of the Cpanel.
Operating System - The operating system the server you're on.
Apache Version - Apache version for the server you're on.
Perl Version - The Perl version for the server you're on.
Kernel Version – The Kernel version for the server you’re on.
Machine Type – The type of machine you’re running on.
Path to Perl - The path to Perl for the server you're on.
Installed Perl Modules - A list of installed Perl modules on you're on.
PHP Version - The version of PHP your server is using.
MySQL Version - The version of MySQL your server is using.
Send Mail Path - The path to Send Mail on your server.
Theme – The current Cpanel theme.
Documentation – The Cpanel User Guide

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